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  1. Best way to use PS3 controller on Mac OSX for STEAM games?

Best way to use PS3 controller on Mac OSX for STEAM games?

In the configuration screen 2nd picture , just select the joystick input buttons, axes, dpads and the desired output keyboard keys, mouse movement, scroll, etc. Some review quotes: Another video showing the app working with a flash game inside a browser, and explaining briefly how to config the app: Some screenshots: Use any axis, dpads or buttons on your joystick to simulate keyboard and mouse; Map any of the 4 directions from an Analog Stick independently; Analog Shoulder Triggers can be used as buttons; Smooth mouse movement; Adjust mouse speed for analog sticks per direction individually, this can help with crappy gamepads; Any "weird" combination you want: I have a list of tested gamepads here , please help expanding it Easy to use interface.

There is for sure a "correct" procedure to it which you'll find on google somewhere, where I've "half-learned" it , but I just plug it with the USB cable, turn on bluetooth, turn bluetooth off, take off the USB and repeat the process until it connects just by bluetooth. It usually takes one repetition.

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I forget if I've installed a driver, but I most probably didn't. It doesnt seem anyone has been able to answer this question.

I have the same query. Have you found a resolution to this? Interesting enough, I just plug my controller into the mac and it "works" without a 3rd party driver.

Didn't try bluetooth though. Even on games that say controller only, the PS3 one works.

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