Android file transfer mac not recognizing galaxy s3


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Pretty much like an iPhone, SyncMate can automatically sync predetermined folders in no time. It can also sync apps between your Mac and Android devices, which is an appealing feature to have on a Mac software.

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This service has been around for quite a while now. Google has refined the app over the years to maintain compatibility with newer macOS versions. Android File Transfer allows you to seamlessly access your Android smartphone or tablet through a macOS computer. It allows you to transfer or view photos, videos, contacts and more in no time.

The app supports drag and drop of files between the Mac and the Android device.

How to connect Samsung Galaxy S3 / S4 to a Mac and iPhoto

Although the app initially required a wired connection for file transfer, it now supports wireless file transfer as well with impressive speeds. Be sure to check it out. This particular offering is fully capable of syncing photos, music, videos, and even apps through. The app uses a secure protocol to setup a connection between the Mac and the Android device to protect the safety of your files.

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But to make up for this, remember that AnyTrans can also help you download music videos online at no cost. This is a bit of an odd choice but hear us out. Go figure.

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Feb 11, PM. Jun 30, PM in response to kikiismyname In response to kikiismyname. I deleted the app and that didn't work. I then remembered that the dmg file contained an uninstall program which I opened and ran. After that my Android File Transfer app worked again. Jun 30, PM. Thanks Charles, after many months I failed to use the Android File Transfer app even Kies app has already removed, I finally can use the Android File Transfer app after following your instruction.

It worked like a charm. Big thanks. Aug 5, AM. Aug 27, AM in response to kikiismyname In response to kikiismyname.

Android File Transfer Not Working with Samsung Device – Here’s How to Fix It!

Maybe a silly question, but where do i install the android file transfer app, on my macbook, my phone or on both? Thank you! Aug 27, AM.

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Sep 7, AM in response to misspurpleann In response to misspurpleann. No need to install anything on your smartphone.

Android File Transfer

The Android File Transfer app should recognises your smartphone immediately. Sep 7, AM. May 6, PM in response to kikiismyname In response to kikiismyname.

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Hey, guys. I, too, need help with this I mean, the original poster never came back to verify if her issue was repaired p.

Thank you for your feedback!

Kiki, I wrote a song about Kiki if you care to hear it.. I live so far out in the country that I can't get cable, etc. But I can find some spots in my house where I can get a 4G network on my phone I can't add HotSpot to my plan because my dad works for Verizon and well, long story, but we'll lose our awesome plan we currently have that we're grandfathered into. In order to not lose my mind completely while way out in the middle of nowhere, I download TV shows or movies onto my phone, then I transfer them via USB and Android File Transfer onto my computer.

This has been no problem for years, but just last week, it completely stopped working. After a few seconds, it disappears, then Android File Transfer appears to open, but is immediately thwarted by an error message, rendering it inaccessible. The message claims that I need to unlock my screen, but my screen is unlocked!

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First, the computer sees that I've connected the phone it's listed in devices in the finder window , then it suddenly disappears from that list and the AFT app opens but is immediately frozen by an error message claiming my screen is locked. And again, this was working find until last week when no new changes took place on either device.

Also, please keep in mind that if you're able to help with more suggestions, I may not be around any WiFi therefore my computer won't be able to be online at all if your response is not within 24 hours of my post. I hope this was sufficient information. Thank you so, so much in advance.