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You constantly have to go back to what it's written to check not only spelling but that it used the correct words for that sentence e. And to add insult to injury, when you think you've removed the application from your computer, the plug-ins are still there, popping up every time you click on a webpage, asking if you want to allow Dictate to work transcribe on that site.

A real annoyance. The so-called User Manual of course has no information on how to correctly remove the app and its plug-ins, and Nuance's website has no support link to go to for help.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking

This app was horrible when it first came out and it still is. The manufacturer's claims are mostly hyperbole and they know it, ergo there's no way to contact them for help or to complain about this overpriced product. Avoid it! Pros: Nothing. Cons: Instructions on how to completely remove the app including all plug-ins. Accuracy and speed. If the download doesn't start automatically, click here.

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Ask the Dictator: Episode 82 - Transcription with Dragon Dictate for Mac 4

Learn more. Mac Multimedia Dragon Dictate Professional dictation software for Mac Dragon Dictate formerly Mac Speech is a professional dictation software that allows you interact with your Mac using only your voice. Dragon Dictate has been designed specifically for Mac OS X and helps you create reports, emails, articles, books View full description.

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I had shoulder surgery a week and a half ago, and bought this because, as an attorney, my work depends on LOTS of typing, and I can't take off 6 weeks from work while I'm in a sling. I read a couple of reviews that mentioned sluggishness, but I thought, "How bad could it be?

Bottom line

So many other people gave the software 5 stars I"m here to tell you that you should credit the reviews that talk about sluggishness before you buy this software. If you have any desire to use Dictate with any other programs on your computer as opposed to just using its built-in notepad, and then cutting and pasting into other programs--a HUGE waste of time, in my opinion , I wouldn't buy it I'm working on a in Macbook with a 2.

It starts out sluggish just in Word, then in Dictate, then slowly the entire computer freezes up so that even the touchpad is unresponsive. Once I quit Dictate, everything goes back to normal. In other words, if you need to make edits because the software didn't properly transcribe something, you must do it using Dictate itself e.

Mixing typing and dictating

If I then say "delete UM" or "scratch that," the program may do what I ask it, but it may decide that what I really meant was to delete some other word five paragraphs prior, so it skips all the way up the document and deletes that word. Needless to say, this results in a seriously messed up document. Here's the thing: the actual transcription capabilities of the software are amazing. It really is amazingly accurate, and the fact that you can continually train it and even teach it new commands is fantastic.

If all you want to do is open it up and spew a bunch of stuff on a page, then go back and edit it later, this would probably work for you provided you're ok with just using the built-in RTF notepad, and not typing directly into Word or any other program. But if you need to make edits while you're typing, or if you need to use any other programs while using Dictate, I don't recommend it. I can't wait for them to work out all the bugs so that it actually works as advertised, because when it does, it will be extremely useful. For now, I'm going to try to return it if possible , and deal with an aching shoulder and various other ergonomic inconveniences while I type with my Macbook sitting on my lap at all times the only way I can type with my arm in a sling.

They know it won't work with Time Machine. Their Solution!

At the end of the day, uninstall Dragon Dictate, then run time machine, and then at the beginning of the next day reinstall it. Since installing this program in an effort to increase my productivity, I have been constantly disappointed. Despite training it on numerous occasions, it still thinks that when I say "go to end" I am saying "goats and. It crashes twice a day.

At least. I'm running it on a very clean MB Pro running Worst of all, it has messed up time machine. Time machine started failing its backups, and I had no idea why. I figured my drive failed, so I bought a new one. Still kept failing half way through. Error code Hmmm. Thanks dragon. The star is only because they make me give one. I'm using DragonDictate to type this review.

I've read the negative reviews for this program.

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However, I learned that there was a new version of this program called 2. So instead of buying the 2. Consequently this review is with the newer 2. My typing is terrible. I usually have to hunt and peck with 2 to 3 fingers. So far I've been very impressed with this program. It has not made any mistakes that weren't my fault to begin with.


Dragon Dictate for Mac 4 (German) | iDownloadBlog Deals

Granted, I'm using a headset with microphone for this voice recognition software. However, this new version must be heads above the older version because it seems to work flawlessly. What a timesaver. Unlike the old version, I have complete control of my cursor while DD is activated and I can type at the same time. Hopefully this initial review will encourage new users to purchase this product with its free upgrade to the 2. Additional programs I tried include Scrivener 3 my favorite and most commonly used writing program , which now seems to work very well.

TextEdit works well as previously. With the accessibility option enabled, Apple Pages also works well. However, the output of text is relatively slow in Pages. The other major text editing programs do not work very well. If you haven't heard, this is all pointless since Nuance has officially stopped selling, developing and supporting speech recognition for the Mac platform. Anyone who even purchased DPI6 a few weeks ago are no longer under manufacturer warranty.

Of course, it goes without saying, that there won't be any bug fixes. We would've preferred to see Nuance's spin out Mac development to a smaller company but considering Nuance's patents, they probably thought it might backfire and decided to opt out completely.

Dragon Dictate for Mac 3 (German Version)

Our Mac speech recognition sales ran about 1 out of every 50 Windows sales. A few questions for you: 1 Did you upgrade macOS to Mojave or was it a fresh install, or new computer? Dragon was installed and updated to 6. I'm interested in how you do it. We suspect because it's equivalent to a gas station selling dry gas. They would never want to admit that their product might not be the best. Unfortunately, Mac Dragon support and functionality has always lagged behind the Windows versions and Nuance eventually bailed on the entire project.

For the time being, you will have to cut and paste from Textedit to other applications. Some patches remain on the Nuance website, previously called ScanSoft, for more than a decade but it's probably best not to gamble. Rather than trusting Nuance to keep these patches available, why not download them now and save them to a flash drive or even a cloud backup. You should still have an option to download and save DPI6 patches. We have not appreciated much of a demand for Mac speech recognition utilities which only occupy about 0.

Nuance probably should've studied the profit margins more because the original company, that manufactured Dragon Dictate for Mac, was on its way under when Nuance purchased their rights. Apple may also be killing their own computer sales when they advertise that their iPad can replace a computer, when it can't. We love our iWatch and iPhone X also but even these products may be eating into some Apple computer sales.