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  1. macOS vs. Windows: Which OS Really Is the Best?
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macOS vs. Windows: Which OS Really Is the Best?

Unfortunately, many Macs have been left behind by cheaper, better options on the Windows PC side of the fence. Would you buy a car at its original MSRP even though it's been sitting on the lot for five years? I don't think so. With that in mind, I've put together a list of excellent Windows alternatives to the most popular Mac models. Especially if you rely on your computers for your livelihood, there's no reason to wait on Apple to finally cater to your needs.

From the low-end to beastly core prosumer rigs, the PC world is getting really exciting again. Sure, macOS has its advantages, but Windows 10 is a mature, stable platform that's updated and improved on the regular.

Windows vs OS X: which is faster? | Alphr

Switching to PCs means you'll be able to grab the latest and greatest computers at a wide array of prices from any number of PC manufacturers, without having to light prayer candles at a shrine dedicated to Steve Wozniak. Apple's most portable notebooks are in an awkward spot. The MacBook Air soldiers on with the same screen, processor, and chassis it's had for three years. If you prefer a cushier keyboard, USB-A, and magnetic charging connection, you'll be paying top dollar for a dowdy display and crusty Intel processors from generations long past in the MacBook Air.

The Microsoft Surface Laptop is a solid substitute for these slimmer Macs. You get newer chips, a brilliant inch display, a wonderful keyboard, and an eye-catching design. The inch MacBook Pro is arguably the only MacBook worthy of the professional branding, since it has the biggest screen, fastest graphics, and hottest processor of Apple's laptop lineup.

Plus, you get Apple's Touch Bar, which, is of dubious value, but is a nice bonus. But it's put to shame by Razer's latest flagship Razer Blade laptop. With a six-core Intel processor and Nvidia series graphics as the standard configuration, it's positioned to make the mightiest Mac notebook look downright antique. Peep that slim display bezel … gaze lovingly upon its traditional style RGB-backlit keyboard and humongous glass trackpad.

OS X and Windows are based on different kernels, with different approaches to multitasking and virtual memory. As such, they perform the same jobs quite differently. With that in mind, we set out with a stopwatch to time how long OS X and Windows took to complete a variety of common desktop tasks. To ensure our results were representative, we tested the OSes on the same hardware — a pair of mid-range Mac systems with relatively limited power, where performance could easily be a real-world issue.

One was a iMac with a 2.

Mac vs PC comparison with a test

The other was a MacBook Air, with a 1. Both machines were set up as Boot Camp dual-boot systems. Since most Mac users keep their operating system current, we used the latest release of OS X But the latest incarnations of both software and hardware offer some new options to consumers at all price and experience levels.

Chrome OS, a Linux-based system developed by Google, is more of an anomaly. Because Microsoft sells Windows licenses to more or less any PC manufacturer to load on desktops, laptops, tablets, and everything in between, you can get a Windows machine in almost any size, shape, or price range.

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Microsoft even sells Windows on its own, so consumers and businesses can manually load it onto their hardware. That wide-open approach has let it conquer all competitors over the last few decades.

Because of its worldwide availability and longevity, Windows also boasts the biggest software library on the planet. Windows also boasts compatibility with the most extensive array of hardware. Also, the Windows PC ecosystem has exploded in terms of the different kinds of form factors available to buyers. There are the usual desktop and traditional clamshell notebooks, which are more powerful and higher in quality than ever and range in price from just a few hundred dollars for entry-level options all the way up to many thousands for premium machines.

The 2-in-1 market is probably the most intriguing development, giving users access to a host of fascinating devices that can morph from notebooks to touch- and pen-enabled tablets by swiveling the display, tearing it off, or removing a detachable keyboard. Though most accessories are universal since the introduction of the USB standard, Windows still technically boasts the most compatibility with third-party add-ons, too.

Windows also gets universal and updated drivers, some provided by Microsoft and some developed by the hardware manufacturers themselves, at a much more frequent rate than alternatives. The bottom line is that if you want to use it, then Windows 10 is your best best. With Windows 10, Microsoft committed to more timely updates. And it has executed. In fact, those who want to access the cutting-edge — or the bleeding edge — can join the free Insider program, which puts out new updates almost every week.

Insiders get access to fixes, tweaks, and major new features — and they do add up over time.

Not only do Insiders get immediate access to the latest capabilities, but they also help shape the OS by providing ongoing feedback to Microsoft. In one of the more recent official updates, for example Windows 10 Fall Creators update , Microsoft added a host of new features and revamped the user interface.

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  • Generally speaking, Microsoft has committed to a biannual update schedule that provides a major new version each April and October or thereabouts, and that means Windows 10 never grows stale. Over time, this rapid update policy has given Windows 10 an edge over MacOS, which updates every year but usually with just one or two significant new features. The rapid Windows 10 update cycle does mean getting used to new features and being exposed to possible bugs on a more frequent basis, but so far Windows users seem to favor the tradeoff.

    10 reasons to get an Apple Mac instead of a Windows PC

    Production quality can vary wildly, even within hardware from the same manufacturer. That makes choosing a new Windows 10 PC a challenge on occasion. Windows includes a numerous Microsoft tools and safeguards to prevent and clean viruses and other threats, and third-party tools are also available. The wide variety of Windows hardware can cause problems as well. For that reason, Windows is more difficult to administer for the typical user, although the Windows update infrastructure built into Windows 10 does make things easier than they were in the old days of scouring the web looking for updates.